Oxfordshire Craft Guild


Becky Morgans - Member
email: becky@beckyjewellery.com
web: www.beckyjewellery.com

I first became interested in the world of jewellery making when I visited Nepal. Here I completed a course in some of the basic techniques which have been used for thousands of years.

Returning back to the UK I worked with a local jewellery maker where I continued learning & creating my skills. Having finished a one year apprenticeship, I took the step to open my own shop in Thailand where I worked for over three years on customers’ own designs while producing hand made stock.

Now back in beautiful Oxford I have a workshop in my own home. I supply stock to several shops and participate in Oxford Artweek and usually a Christmas Exhibition.

My work has an organic look but is extremely elegant to wear. I like to create pieces that can be worn on an everyday bases giving the buyer good value for money! I often design pieces with the use of precious stones & sea glass.

When not creating my own designs I take on commissions & repairs.