Oxfordshire Craft Guild

Annia Marcus Member
email: anniamarcus@aol.com
website: www.aquariusjewellery.com

I was born in Milan, Italy and studied Life Drawing at the prestigious Accademia d’Arte del Castello Sforzesco. After moving to London in 1982 I studied pottery at the Camden Institute of Adult Education and became fascinated by the use of gas kiln fired porcelain and ash glazes. At the same time I was attracted by Sufism to the painting of Cecil Collins, and began attending the Life Drawing classes of Ruth Eisenhart, a former pupil of Cecil Collins, at the Central School of Art. When I moved to Oxfordshire in 1995 I deeply missed all of my art and pottery courses, and for a while I tried to find something similar to replace them. Having failed in this, I then decided to try something else entirely different, and so began making jewellery.

This moment was a watershed of immense importance in my creative life. I found that the medium could be used to make individual pieces which were bold and subdued at the same time. These pieces made an immediate impact, but could also easily be worn all day due to their lightness, and to their enhancing any attire without suffocating it. Since my youth I have been a great admirer of the Bauhaus movement, attracted by a love of simplicity of form and intelligence of construction. The clear and elegant lines of my collection, carefully crafted from sterling silver, follow that principle of practicality, functionality and beauty.